Praise for Almshouse and “October Song

The band is “clearly an intelligent group of musicians.”  The vocals are “top notch” and the players “show off their instrumental prowess with effectively arranged and played parts.”  October Song is “cleverly composed and … exhibits a level of musical sophistication that is rarely heard in most of the market’s current pop/rock selections…The members of Almshouse are masters of their craft, and are building momentum and interest for their unique sound.” –


“Powerful stuff, and a refreshing hit of songwriting and musicality that genuinely seems incomparable right now. Hopefully there’s more to come.”  –Stereo Stickman

“… hard driving rock with great melodic vocals …. Cups (20,000 Sunsets) is well thought out with lyrics that you want to listen to and reflect.”  – Philly Area Music Reviews

“Quite quickly you forget all previous arrangements [of Auld Lang Syne], you lose yourself in this composition, and the song’s story and intention take on a whole new role. The words sound different, the historical context comes to mind, and all the while the instrumentation and the general delivery gather infectious momentum and intensity as things move along. This is a genuinely fascinating cover of a world famous bit of songwriting. It can be argued that the best covers are those that creatively steer away from the original in every possible manner, and this is a fine example of that in action, and working well. There’s something strangely addictive about the darkness and rising weight of the whole thing. Well worth a listen.” – Rebecca Cullen



photos (c) 2018 & 2019 Bill DiCecca