Almshouse @ Meat Collides with Fire, June 2018. photos by Bill DiCecca

ALMSHOUSE plays original rock that maybe reminds you of classic 1970s female-fronted acts (think Fleetwood Mac, Heart, Linda Ronstadt) or maybe modern singer-songwriters with a pop/rock edge (Sheryl Crow, Kathleen Edwards). The band’s 2016 release “Bitter Thing”  flirts with Americana while displaying a slight progressive tinge.  Almshouse has rocked all kinds of venues in and around Philadelphia PA, and lately, the band’s been exploring stripped-down acoustic versions of their tunes that showcase thoughtful lyrics, Irene’s sultry “burnished alto” voice, very handsome fretwork by Troy,  Ken & Tony, and James’s tasteful drumming.

Powerful new music is coming soon.

Almshouse @ The Living Room@35East, May 2018. photo by Bill DiCecca.