Troy and Ken are due at Kawari next week to continue recording. In the meantime, we’ve been rehearsing for the Puck show on May 9th.  We’re working out versions of some of our songs in an acoustic format — not truly acoustic, of course, since Troy is playing electric guitar on a handful of them, and Kenny’s playing electric bass.  But we’re drum-less for the night, and this faux “unplugged” format is lending itself to creative new renditions of songs we usually play with a full band. The result is a little quieter, a little more intense, and the focus on lyrics and vocals sheds new light on old songs.  In addition, the format should be a perfect showcase for the new tunes getting their debut at Puck.

The other night Troy and I ran down a few songs with Peg Talbott-Lane, who graciously agreed to sing backing vox for this show, despite being a kick-ass frontwoman in her own right. I’ve admired her big voice and compelling stage presence for a long time, not to mention her ideas and ambition.  Peg has rocked vocals for the region’s premiere Steely Dan tribute band, Countdown to Ecstasy, and also for the glam-rock extravaganza Candy Volcano.  But Peg’s got some of her own tricks up her sleeve, coming to life (hopefully very) soon.

Just as it does every time Troy and I work on songs in my apartment, it occurred to me again while the three of us were rehearsing that I really should host a house concert here. The acoustics are great, the view is inspiring, and the space won’t be mine forever.