Mixin n Playin

Listening to the drum and bass mixes on Fretz, Ghost and Into the Night as I write this. Ken’s bass parts are masterful. Matt’s excellent drumming makes everything groove just right, especially on I2N. Impressed they played so well together, the first time they ever played together. I’m really looking forward to putting proper vocals on these tracks.

Things are moving right along. Troy will be doing some guitar work today, and Ken will join him later to get back to the drum and bass editing for Stars, Gettysburg and Bitter Thing. And, earlier this month we performed as a trio at Puck, presenting lo-fi versions of our tunes to an appreciative crowd, with Peg’s backing vox completing the picture.  Troy noted it was the first time he ever experienced hearing people shushing each other in the audience when he was playing guitar. The room was packed, but the room was quiet, receptive and kind. The reward of playing in this format was well worth the hard work of rearranging stuff to fit into it.

Our long-time friend Bill DiCecca was there making terrific images, as usual. foursome fun IL w Peg ken playing troy focus Next up, some more acoustic versions at the Northern Liberties Spring Music Festival in Liberty Lands, Saturday June 6th.