Ken and I arrived at the studio just after noon on Sunday to find two Matts: Muir would play drums and engineer this session, with the assistance of Matt Spitko. So, Spitko was at the kit while Muir was upstairs dialing in the mics.  We tried to forget about the great weather, the first day […]

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Troy and Ken are due at Kawari next week to continue recording. In the meantime, we’ve been rehearsing for the Puck show on May 9th.  We’re working out versions of some of our songs in an acoustic format — not truly acoustic, of course, since Troy is playing electric guitar on a handful of them, and […]

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Day One in the Studio

This past weekend Troy and I spent some time at Kawari Sound with Matt Muir, recording rhythm guitar/vocal shells for six Almshouse songs. Kawari is in the sun-filled annex to an enormous Victorian house in Wyncote PA, and it’s full of guitars and vintage amps and snare drums and percussion treasures and microphones and keyboards of all shapes and […]

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And then there were 3…

Troy and Ken started this band about 3 years ago, Marilyn singing vocals, Rud on drums, Wayne on keys. They rehearsed in a space on Rhawn Street, and managed to bang out a few strong original songs in the process. After Marilyn came Hilary, then Kathlyn, after Rud came Darren, and after Wayne came Jim […]

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